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About Us is an online comic book store in India where you can buy your favourite Indian comic books, DC comic books, Vertigo comic books, Garfield comic books, Archie comics and Manga. We are India's only exclusive online comic book store with the largest collection of Indian comic books and Graphic Novels.


Comicclan at a glance

We at Comicclan are people with similar interests- Comics with a mission to spread happiness through the world of comics.

Founded: October 10th, 2017(officially)

What will you find on Comicclan:

1. Indian Comics

2. Western Comics

3. Manga

Before anything else we would like to thank a few people here:

  • Our friends and family
  • Mr. Arun Singhal, our mentor during our incubation at IIM-U
  • All the Indian Publishers and Distributors
  • Karan Ramani who helped us develop this amazing website!
  • All the countless people we spoke to while working on this idea

So, feel free to drop in any suggestions or feedback that you have, could be anything and everything.


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