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Adhira Mohi Vol. 3 (English)- Free Stickers

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Adhira Mohi Vol. 3 (English)

Writer: Ashwin Kalmane

Artist: Emilio Utrera

Pages: 36

In a small South Indian village, five thieves break into a bank. What these thieves don't know going in, is that getting out of the bank is going to be a lot harder than getting in.

Something dark and dangerous locks them in and starts killing them off one by one, brutally. As they try to find their way out of the bank, they get tangled in more mysteries -- a newspaper clipping that triggers flashes of a dream, a mysterious accident, and a hostage who isn't really who he's pretending to be. Add to the mix flaring tempers, clashing personalities, and greed and you get an unstable group that becomes its own worst enemy.

Award-winning creators Ashwin Kalmane and Emilio Utrera return to Aadhira Mohi to give you yet another terrifying tale about Dacoits, Demons and other Dangerous Things.

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