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Age of Immortals : Issue 1 of 8

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Age of Immortals : Issue 1 of 8

ARTIST   Saumin Patel


PAGES    32 Pages

Vira returns to the HCE universe as dark clouds gather at the horizon. The events of Bloodline, although a victory, heralded the beginning of troubling times. Now The Aghori is tasked with unearthing legends as new evil rises in the forests of old. Dark times call for old hands and new heroes. A storm gathers with Vira, as always, standing firmly in the centre. Thus begins, The Age of Immortals.The Age of Immortals is a 20 issue event that’ll bring together new and old actors of the HCE universe. Written by Ram V and Anirudh Singh. With art by Saumin Patel, Gaurav Shrivastav, Vivek Goel.

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