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Aghori Bloodlines Issue 9

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Aghori Bloodlines Issue 9

Gaurav Shrivastav, Ram V, Sudeep Menon


Gaurav Shrivastav, Vivek Goel




88 Pages

Vikram Roy. He barely remembers the name. It is the remnant of a remnant in memory that he long since discarded. Only Vira the Aghori remains, and only his deeply seeded need to fight evil defines him. When a mysterious assassin begins killing seemingly unconnected people around the world, Vira awakens to come to the rescue of an infant, the assassin’s final target.What are the assassin’s reasons for targeting this child? And what is he hoping to achieve by these murders? Discover these and more in this ninth issue, the first in Bloodlines: Arc 2 of the Aghori series.

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