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Dashaavatar Vol-2

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Dashaavatar Vol-2

Victory to Keshava, the lord of Universe,

Who assumed the form of a boar,

On whose tusks rested the earth,

Which was drowned and appeared.

Like the shadow on the moon.

Third avatar of Vishnu – Varaha – was manifested to slay the demon Hiranyaksha.Varaha, in art form, is depicted either purely as a boar or as a boar’s head on a human body. In latter form he has four arms, two of which holds the Chakra (wheel formed weapon) and a Shankh (conch-shell) while the other hold mace and sword, respectively. The earth is held between the boar’s tusks.

Since Hiranyaksha had taken the Bhoomi (earth) and abducted her to the bottom of the cosmic ocean, Vishnu in boar form – killed the demon and lifted her out of the flood waters in which she was submerged. Varaha lifted earth, between his tusks, and restored to her place in the universe. Later, Vishnu is said to have marriedBhoomi (earth) in this avatar.

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