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Embracing Love (2-in-1), Vol. 3 Previous Embracing Love (2-in-1), Vol. 3


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By Yuya Sato

Release February 17, 2015

ISBN-13 978-1-4215-7173-7

Trim Size 5 1/4 × 8

Imprint Haikasoru

Length 368 pages

When Kayu Saitoh wakes up, she is in an unfamiliar place. Taken to a snowy mountainside, she was left there by her family and her village according to the tradition of sacrificing the lives of the elderly for the benefit of the young. Kayu was supposed to have passed quickly into the afterlife. Instead, she finds herself in Dendera, a utopian community built over decades by old women who, like her, were abandoned. Together, they must now face a new threat: a hungry mother bear.

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